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Why Sound Deadening?
sound deadening and footfall
Sound deadening is used to reduce noise transfer through walls and floors. Reducing the noise of a heavy walker or loud noise in the next room can be just enough to keep your sanity in this nutso world.


Sound-Deadening Membranes
sound deadening regina
Sound deadening membranes are fairly common in the music industry but are not limited to just the music industry.
On average, a 26 decibel sound deadening membrane will start upwards of $1.75 - $2.00. This will generally including shipping directly to your home, which is a nice touch. These sound deadening materials generally are a specifically designed dense mat. On one side the sound-deadening mat is smooth and on the other the sound-deadening mat is a rough pebbly-like surface, sort of like the texture on a 100-meter track. The reason for the rough surface on the sound deadening material is to help minimize the echo effect.


Footfall Absorption & Sound Deadening
mechanical sound deadening
sound deadening fabric
sound deadening membrane has a design that actually helps soften a heavy walkers footstep. You know those heavy walkers, the ones that sound like a heard of elephants. How this works is, the sound deadening membrane has dimples in the design. This makes the floors softer to walk on which means if the floors have a little bit of cushion and they will actually help absorb a heavy walkers footstep. This cushion combined with the closed cell insulating foam backing and the 26 decibels of sound deadening make for one of the best subfloors you will ever own.


One More Thing
truck sound deadening
As you may have already read in this site, cheap sound deadening material sound deadening membrane and its dimple design can be installed on walls and floors, but the real reason why it was designed to provide moisture protection.
Moisture in floors, walls and ceilings can be an evil thing. Ever seen those big wet spots/stains on a floor, wall or ceiling or ever seen a black mark around the edge of your carpet? That black edge is mold. How did it get there? External moisture seepage from the floor or wall.
sound deadening mats sound deadening dimpled membrane can be installed under almost any flooring material and provides a full surface air gap. This air gap creates the necessary drainage space for moisture. Now instead of the moisture absorbing into your drywall or floors and creating mold and expensive repairs it is simply removed harmlessly into your drainage system.


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