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Sound-Proofing A Basement or Garage
sound proofing material recording stereo
If your converting a basement or garage to a music studio or just setting it up for band practice then you should have sound-proofing. Current sound-proofing is expensive and in addition to that you still have the echo's to worry about. You could minimize the echo's with acoustic foam if you have the money or egg cartons if you don't.


The Sound Proofing Part
sound proofing stc
If you're on a real budget and need sound proofing you can find some old mattresses or carpet and hang them on the wall. This will work, sorta, however you may have smells and mold to worry about. Another sound-proofing solution is paying around $2.00 per square foot for a sound proofing material that provides around 26 decibels of sound reduction. Once the sound proofing material is installed on just your walls and/or ceilings your already into the thousands of dollars. If the floor is concrete or carpet you will be ok, if the floor is a wood or laminate based you will need to get a mat under the drums to minimize floor vibrations.


Sound Proofing, Egg Cartons, Acoustic Foam & Echo's
sonex sound proofing
First you need to understand that sound proofing does just that. It provides sound proofing and nothing else. The sound proofing doesn't let sound out and doesn't let sound in. Egg cartons have no real sound-proofing value whatsoever. There sound proofing value is as good as hanging some cardboard on the wall. So why are egg cartons popular? Echo reduction.
In addition to having sound proofing you need to be able to control the echo's. This is generally where you would purchase acoustic foam, or for the budget conscious, use egg cartons. So why does an egg carton do a similar job as expensive acoustic foam?


How the Echo's Work With Sound Proofing, Acoustic Foam and Egg Cartons
sound proofing your home with curtains
How echo's work is the sound bounces off a wall in a straight line like 2 mirrors on each side of the room. It's this action that causes the echo's. The acoustic foam, or egg cartons, break the direction of the sound waves and causes them to go in consistently different directions until the sound wave has run out of gas. This action caused by the acoustic foam or egg cartons helps minimize the effects of echo's. The benefit of acoustic foam is that it will somewhat absorb the sound waves as well.


All-In-One Sound Proofing, Acoustic Foam / Egg Carton Solution
sound proofing sfc
cheap sound proofing walls sound proofing material combines 26decibels of sound proofing with the effects of egg cartons and acoustic foam.
spray on sound proofing sound proofing material is a dimpled membrane with a closed cell foam backing. This means you get the benefits of 26decibels of sound proofing and because the dimples are concave, just like an egg carton, it refracts the sound waves and minimizes the echo effect. In addition to having concave dimples, the dimples also offer a dead air space, which helps the sound proofing effect even further.


Price of Sound Proofing & Acoustic Foam
foam pad sound proofing
As mentioned earlier, or by your own research, traditional sound proofing materials start upwards of $2.00 a square foot and the acoustic foam can cost around $14.00 for a 2x2 piece. What you are about if find out is that construction material soundboard tectum sound proofing sound proofing material costs well under $0.90 per square foot.

You get an install to hang product that has 26 decibels of sound proofing, is paintable with water based latex paint and helps do the job of acoustic foam by breaking up the echo's. You can keep the savings or buy some additional acoustic foam and attach it directly to the sound proofing membrane using a foam board adhesive.


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