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Industrial Sound-Control
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sound control industrial door sound control membrane is ideal for use in the industrial market. If you're like many warehouses which have large storage area with offices in the middle of tones of heavy machinery, sound control during meetings is essential. It isn't easy try to write a schedule or manage a high paced industrial site with semi-trucks on the outside and paging systems, forklifts and power jacks on the inside. A simple solution for your industrial sound-control problems is quality control radio therapy ultra sound sound control membrane. The sound control membrane has been designed so it can be used in floors, walls or ceilings. If your have offices you want quieter, want to provide some sound-control to minimize external noise or just want to lessen the noise in two separate departments, SUPERSEAL's sound control membrane is the solution.



surround sound control unit

Industrial Sound Control For Offices
sound control music shops
Offices designed in the middle of a carnivorous warehouse can be cold especially in the winter. What's the simple solution? Crank up the heat. It's a simple solution but also an expensive one as most warehouses are looking to minimize overhead. Installing industrial sound control for oil & gas sound control membrane can help warm an office. The sound control membrane not only provides 26 decibels of sound deadening when installed under floors or on walls, but the closed cell foam layer also provides some thermal insulation. Granted it won't be enough to stop a cold winter but as an added benefit on top of sound control it sure doesn't hurt.



sound control walls

complete sound proofing'S Sound Control Membrane & Moisture
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In old and new buildings leaks are not uncommon even if they can't be seen. By time they are noticed you generally have a giant wet spot in your walls, seepage in your floors or mold problems. Both are expensive repairs to have to worry about.
 sound board control booths sound control membrane provides drainage and moisture control for both floors and walls. How it works is the dimpled sound-control membrane creates an air space that redirects water and moisture to your drainage system. The closed cell foam backing on the sound control membrane does not absorb moisture and water just runs right down it to the drainage system.


Benefits of A Sound-Control Membrane
sound board control booths
silent sound mind control sound control membrane provides numerous benefits. Some of the benefits of the sound control membrane are:
  • Sound control membrane helps control moisture and dampness
  • Thermal insulation
  • 26 decibels of sound control
  • Closed cell foam layer on attached to back of the sound control membrane
  • Up to 70% less expensive when compared to a traditional subfloor
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick and easy to install on walls or floors


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