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Noise-Control in Your Home
outdoor noise control
Noise control in homes is a big issue. Homeowners want noise control and without excessive noise. The worst thing is, coming home from a hard day at work looking forward to kicking off your shoes and becoming a vegetable on the couch or in your favorite chair but can't due to a lack of noise-control. Wouldn't it be great if there was a volume button for noise control for noises such as traffic, trains, planes, dogs and neighbors.

Sadly, there isn't.


A Noise Control Solution
sound problem home dampening
A simple method to help provide noise-control is stereo sound dampening noise control membrane. lead sound dampening noise control membrane is a dimpled plastic membrane that is made of a high-density polyethylene and has a 3mm closed cell foam layer attached to the back. This noise control membrane is a versatile product that is quick easy to install on walls, ceilings and under most any flooring material.


Benefits of a Noise Control Membrane
room sound dampening
 traffic sound dampening noise control membrane provides numerous benefits no matter where you install it. Just a few of those noise control benefits are:
  • Provides 26db (decibels) of noise reduction
  • Enhances thermal insulation
  • Provides footfall noise reduction
  • Provides moisture control for your floor or walls
  • Closed cell foam does not allow moisture absorption
  • Can be installed in any room in your home to provide sound dampening
  • Helps protect drywall, wallpaper and flooring materials
  • Can be painted with water-based latex paint
  • Environmentally friendly

Costs of Sound-Dampening Products
 band room sound dampening equipment
There are a number of sound-dampening / noise-control products. Most Sound dampening products can start at around $1.75 per foot and only go up. Installing sound dampening spray noise control membrane to provide sound dampening, saves you about 50% while providing your home with addition benefits beyond the basic sound dampening.


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